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Sweet Treats

While cakes are our specialty, we have a serious love for all things sweet, and offer a variety of other sweet desserts that are perfect for any occasion. 

If you have a specific sweet treat in mind, send us a message and we'll do our best to try to make that special something for you. 

Like our cakes, we take pride in every single detail that goes into our custom confections to provide you with beautiful and delicious sweets for your event.


Cupcakes are a fabulous addition to any event, and are a fun way to enjoy multiple delicious flavors of cake without hassle.

We offer a variety of both regular size and mini cupcakes that can be decorated simply or customized for your event. 


We ask for a minimum of 6 cupcakes per flavor for larger cupcakes, and a minimum of 12 cupcakes per flavor for our mini cupcakes.  

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Along with cakes and cupcakes we also  are happy to make custom confections to order for events, ranging from cake pops/truffles to mini tarts to chocolate covered strawberries and beyond. 

If you have a special treat in mind for your event just send us a message, and we will be happy to try to accommodate. 

Our custom confections are priced on a per order basis depending on the dessert and amount of servings needed.

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